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Join the campaign to bring faster more reliable Internet to you and your friends and neighbors in North Georgia !

Who are we?
NGN Connect is unlike most telecommunications corporations.  We are a community non-profit that provides fast, reliable and affordable internet and voice services to residents, businesses, schools, governments, hospitals and healthcare facilities in and around the North Georgia area.  We utilize NGN's (North Georgia Network) 1,700 mile, carrier grade fiber backbone to provide fiber or wireless connectivity to your home or business.  Some of our network services include Internet, Voice Services, Managed Wi-Fi, Remote Surveillance, Data Backup and Co-Location services.

How does this work?
NGN is always looking for strategic places to expand its network.  We use the information collected here to determine where those places are.  By signing up, you are expressing your interest in having fiber optic Internet services from NGN Connect. It really is that simple. Once we have enough interest expressed in an area, we will seriously consider expanding our service offerings to that community.

What's next?
Sign up and become a Backer today! Tell your friends and neighbors that there is a faster more reliable solution for your internet and phone needs. Help us bring you our services. 
It’s time to take that critical first step and indicate your interest in becoming part of the NGN Connect family.  Join the campaign!

** Please note that all of our services and speeds are not yet available in all areas, and are subject to a site survey.




10Mbps Residential Wireless Internet

Up to 10 Mb per second Downstream, up to 10 Mb per second Upstream

Starts at


15Mbps Residential Wireless Internet

Up to 15 Mb per second Downstream, up to 15 Mb per second Upstream

Starts at


10Mbps Commercial Wireless Internet

Up to 10 Mb per second Downstream Connectivity, up to 25 Mb per second Upstream Connectivity

Starts at


15Mbps Commercial Wireless Internet

Up to 15 Mb per second Downstream Connectivity, up to 25 Mb per second Upstream Connectivity

Starts at


25Mbps Commercial Wireless Internet

Up to 25 Mb per second Downstream Connectivity, up to 25 Mb per second Upstream Connectivity

Starts at


Zones In Interest Gathering

Areas where we are gathering interest to determine where to deploy next.

Zones In Pre-Registration

Areas where a goal must be met before service will be made available.

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NGN Campaign - Mark Price

10:48am April 15, 2018

Mark Price

Brand new neighborhoods with 50+ houses in each were just built in Clermont. Near skitts mountain golf course/ mossy Creek. And all we have is DSL. We are hoping your expansion comes here.

NGN Campaign - G R  Evans

8:00pm April 13, 2018

G R Evans

What can be done to expedite your expansion into the War Hill Park area???????

NGN Campaign - Bill Burke

10:54pm February 7, 2018

Bill Burke

How soon will you be crossing into North Forsyth? We have a whole neighborhood waiting....

NGN Campaign - freeman sisk

10:58am September 19, 2016

freeman sisk

i kept get this notice pop up after loging in Oh no! Something's obviously not right here. An engineers has been notified. what's up

NGN Campaign - Lisa Cash

8:53am September 9, 2016

Lisa Cash

Thank you all for coming out to represent your company and give us very much-needed information. I have made a "NGN-Dawson" list on my Facebook page and posted an instructional message today that I hope will generate more input and responses to the survey. I found everything you told us to be very interesting. It's fascinating how all this stuff begins and comes together. We appreciate your passion for the people as well as the businesses in our area.

NGN Campaign - Sam Martinez

9:10pm August 17, 2016

Sam Martinez

How can I get in touch with your company?

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Dawson County

Jeramy Nye

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Dawson County

Lesia Briley

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Lumpkin County

Jake Chatham

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